Substance abuse is affecting your workforce….. do you have to tools to handle this growing problem?


Many restaurants lack devoted human resources managers – could your business be at risk?


Substance Abuse: A Growing Issue

20% of restaurant industry workers have a substance abuse problem, and 19.1% report illicit substance abuse within the past month – the highest rate of any industry. Restaurant employees with substance abuse issues are:

  • Less productive, with alarmingly high rates of turnover and job loss
  • 3x more likely to injure themselves or others in the workplace
  • 5x more likely to file workers compensation claims

Addressing a Growing Problem

Although many companies have taken steps to provide safe and healthy workplaces, many are at a loss when dealing with the rising rates of substance abuse and high turnover rates in their restaurant.  This training program was specifically designed for restaurant owners, managers and HR professionals in the restaurant and hospitality industries to address the all-too-common substance abuse issues threatening your workforce and bottom line.

Our Course

This online training will give you the tools needed to protect your business and workforce from the growing substance abuse issues in the workplace:

  • Best practices & HR strategies specific to the hospitality industry
  • Intervention techniques
  • Connections to care, rehabilitative services and local resources
  • Downloadable policies, checklists and reference materials – customizable to your specific business

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Fully online and ready when you are, this training can be taken from any computer or work space, on your timeline – and takes merely an hour to complete.  A customized certificate documents your training hours and course completion.

“The worst thing that can happen on a Saturday night is for someone not to show up”

Substance abuse can effect your bottom line – something that few restaurateurs can truly afford.  Find out more about how this HR training course can help you attract and retain qualified employees.

Scott Kammerer, President of SoDel Concepts